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Firmware(ver 1.03) update & after the update.

Hi N2 users!

NeoLAB is speaking,

There are two ways to install the firmware to its newest version.

The first way is updating it automatically through the mobile application. 


   1) Open Neo Notes app → Connect N2 → Go to Settings → Pen Information → FW Update →1.03 Check



The second way is to update the firmware manually.


1. Download 'N2_1.03.0137._v_' file into your PC.

2. Connect N2 to your PC by USB and copy/paste the file into the pen's hard drive.

3. Disconnect the USB cable and power on N2.

*If the LED light blinks in orange, it indicates an error. If this happens, please press the power button for 10 seconds to turn the power off and repeat the process above.

After the update, please re-register your pen to your smart device!


If you have any questions, please email us at 

Thank you

NeoLAB Convergence



1 Comment

firmware update doesn't work. tried both methods many times. Please replace the pen or fix the one I have. 

Thank you, 

Nadia Myre

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