How to connect & use Evernote

In order to set Evernote as your Auto Save Options, go to Authentication center and toggle Evernote. 

Log in to Evernote and go back to Auto Save Options and toggle Evernote. 

For Android device only, you can log in on Auto Save options directly. 

If Auto Save is not working properly, click the Evernote Sync button manually and it would automatically sync your recent written notes. 

Put 'tags" on Neo Notes and it would be applied on synced pages on Evernote.

When the same notebook is synched on the Evernote, in order to recognize the notebooks, the Evernote automatically add letter or number at the end of notebook name. It's an Evernote function that Neo Notes cannot change. For example, if there are two spring notebooks, it would be ʺSpringnotea_p11ʺ and ʺSpringnoteb_p11ʺ

You can always sync the notebooks but after you did some modification on Evernote pages, It would not be applied on Neo Notes.

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