How to use your N notebooks, especially N college notebook sets & N plain notebook sets

On every Neo Notebook, Ncodes which are the combination of lines and symbols printed all over the pages and those constitutes

a pattern to express a unique code for each location on the page. Neo smartpen captures the Ncodes and transfers the data to your smart device. 

And one kind of notebook has their own set of Ncodes; for example, every N spring notebook has same set of Ncodes. You need to lock the used one in order to start new one. 

However, there are two different set of notebooks; N college notebooks are consist of three notebooks with the different cover colors and N plain notebooks have five notebooks with the different covers. 

So, for example, No.1 & No.2 notebooks have different Ncodes that you can use at the same time. 

Be cafeful not to use the same numbered notebooks at the same time.

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